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Akina to Onsen de H Shiyo!

Akina Miyazawa is the captain of a college softball team who has just hit a string of good luck. Her team has won the tournament, her love life is pregressing well and her childhood friend has now become her boyfriend, and she recently won two tickets to to a nearby…

Episodes 1

Angels in the Court 2

Akira Motoura and his team or rather his harem travels to a hot spring resort to train for the upcoming volleyball game. This time they got two new rookies to strengthen their effort. Little they know that they being lured in a trap set by the two beutiful newcomers.

Episodes 2

Cartagra: Tsuki Gurui no Yamai

The hero of this story is Takashiro Shugo. An ex-police officer that is now unemployed and freeloading at a brothel. From time to time he takes on detective work from his former superior. As the story starts off, a missing persons case is dumped onto him. The person he is…

Episodes 2

Class Reunion

A young group of friends meet up for the first time in a very long time after finishing high-school. One of them remembers how once ago a girl left him Daisies and a love letter inside his locker, back in the high-school days. He has three suspects of who this…

Episodes 4

Furifure The Animation +

ui had a quarrel with her parents and ran away from home. When she walks around the town, she meets her friend and she is tricked into joining a matchmaking website called Free Friends. She just waits for someone contacting her though she doesn’t know much about it. The main…

Episodes 1
Hitou Meguri 2 Kakure Yu

Hitou Meguri 2: Kakure Yu

Yunose Mikio returns to his hometown for the first time in half a year. The first thing he sees is the traditional Japanese onsen inn managed by Yukino Chitose, childhood friend and one-time lover. Despite the passing of half a year, Chitose still possessed a girlish appearance. However, the traditional…

Episodes 2

Hitou Meguri Kakure Yu Mao Hen

Based on the erotic game Zoku Hitou Meguri by Riddle Soft.

Episodes 2

Kyonyuu Kazoku Saimin

Based on the erotic game by Lune.

Episodes 1

Nerawareta Megami Tenshi Angeltia

Based on the adult game by Syrup: Many Milk.

Episodes 2

Oni Chichi: Re-born

Continuing after the events of Oni Chichi: Re-birth… Airi, Marina, and their step father, Takami, leave for a trip to a hot springs resort. But Marina makes last minute plans and just the two of them go. Takami still constantly tries to drug Airi.

Episodes 2

Oyomesama Honey Days

Anime adaptation of an adult manga by TANA.

Episodes 2

Shoujo x Shoujo x Shoujo The Animation

After being informed of his mother’s demise, Kengo returns to the hometown he had left seven years ago. There, he is reunited with a number of young girls, his half-sisters by his father’s mistresses. These girls have never been allowed out of the house, and have developed a fear of…

Episodes 2

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